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Depression can rob sufferers of the joy of life and leave them a shell of what they once were. In addition to the overwhelming sadness, despair and loneliness, it can also be fatal as some become so desperate they attempt suicide to escape it.

Depression has generally been treated with medication and therapy, both of which have limitations.

How well is your treatment plan working? Does it help a little, but you still don’t feel the darkness lifting? Maybe your treatment isn’t working at all? Unfortunately, not all treatment plans work. As many as two thirds of those with depression aren’t helped by the first medication they try, and up to one third don’t respond to several attempts.

If your treatment plan isn’t working, don’t lose hope. Neurofeedback can help restore a healthier brain pattern and may eliminate depression symptoms by teaching the brain how to get “unstuck” and better regulate itself. Brain training can be an effective method of treating depression.

Research has shown that neurofeedback can improve brain function through intensive brain exercises. Although the technology is sophisticated, it’s a simple process that is non-invasive and painless. It’s just learning! You will learn to alter your brain activity the same way you learn every other skill. You learn through feedback and practice. What is new in Neurofeedback is that you are guided by a form of instantaneous feedback about your brains electrical activity that was previously not available to you.

Neurofeedback training has also been found to be helpful in cases of depression caused by specific traumatic events, and by other insults to the brain such as chemotherapy, or general anesthesia in the elderly. EEG biofeedback (Neurofeedback) training is also indicated for those clients who do not respond favorably to medical management, and for those who are counseled to avoid certain medications by their doctor. This category includes pregnant women.

It is true of all remedies for depression that they may be accompanied by the recall of prior traumatic memories, which may have been suppressed for years. It is therefore important that counseling be available in the event of such traumatic recall, and for other profound emotional changes which can be elicited by the training.

There is evidence that once a person experiences a depressive episode, subsequent episodes are more likely. Hence, training the brain to re-mediate depression may have the beneficial effect of tending to make subsequent recurrences less likely. The training also appears to be effective for a variety of conditions that are seen concurrently with depression, such as alcohol dependence or violent behavior.

We have seen significant improvements in mood with neurofeedback. At Alpha Neurohealth Clinic, we believe that the research supports the use of neurofeedback for depression when medication or psychotherapy fail or result in only partial improvement. If you are depressed and neither anti-depressant medication nor psychotherapy has helped your symptoms, the existing research suggests that neurofeedback for depression may be helpful.

Medications treat symptoms and don’t correct the source of the problem. At Alpha NeuroHealth Clinic, our approach is different. We measure brain function with a quantitative EEG brain map, so that you can see the cause for your mood problems. The image at the left is from a qEEG analysis of a client with a history of depression. The area in red shows that the client’s left frontal cortex is more active than the right; a primary profile for depression. Once we can locate the source of the problem, we target that area for change through Neurofeedback training. This allows you to regulate your brain, not just mask your symptoms. Learn more.

Neurofeedback retrains dysfunctional brain patterns associated with depression, making it a very powerful tool. With the supervision of a qualified neurofeedback clinician, the brain practices healthier patterns of mood regulation.

Neurofeedback can help depression sufferers get their lives back. Your brain changes when you are depressed, and neurofeedback can help it relearn healthier patterns, giving those who suffer from depression a way out of the prison of their minds.

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