A seizure reflects a brain that has temporarily lost stability.

There are many conditions that can cause seizures as well as numerous types of seizures people can experience. Having a seizure disorder often negatively impacts quality of life. However, neurofeedback can help stabilize the timing in the brain. The brain’s timing is the electrical response that can go “hay wire” when someone has a seizure.

eliminating epileptic seizures.

Thousands of healthcare professionals, including psychologists, doctors, and registered nurses, use brain training to help people dramatically decrease their seizures by increasing their brain’s stability. When the brain begins to demonstrate stability more consistently, a client’s doctor can often reduce seizure medication.

Epilepsy was one of the very first therapeutic applications of Neurofeedback. Beginning in 1972 Barry Sterman eliminated seizures in a 23-year-old female epileptic, who then came off medication and got a driver’s license. In his paper, Barry Sterman describes how he accidentally discovered how Neurofeedback-trained cats were less susceptible to seizures when exposed to rocket fuel, and went on to replicate this remarkable discovery in monkeys then humans. He also summarizes 18 separate peer-reviewed journal studies on Neurofeedback for epilepsy over a 25-year period, covering 174 patients and an average success rate of 66%:

Neurofeedback and Epilepsy

With Neurofeedback, specific symptoms of Epilepsy can be targeted, however, every individual is different and to what extent the brain can recover or compensate will have to be seen. Since abnormal brain activity, also known as instabilities, are the main cause of Epilepsy, the most important goal during Neurofeedback training is to stabilize the brain. Neurofeedback is a treatment option applicable to all types of seizures and helpful in the case of brain damage and brain abnormalities. Other Neurofeedback training options can be physical calming, resulting in improved balance and coordination, or enhancing emotional control, which for example can reduce anxiety.
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