Stroke and TBI

Stroke and TBI

Historically, there has not been many options for rehabilitation for those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or stroke more than two years in the past. It was believed that any progress made would need to be accomplished within those first couple of years.

Neurofeedback training may bring about drastic improvements, even past the two-year mark.

Neurofeedback training has been recognized as a treatment that can help the brain repair itself, even years after damage has occurred. Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury are usually categorized as injuries that affect different areas of the brain. To treat those injuries, the brain must be targeted.Neurofeedback treatment is used to target the areas of the brain that have been damaged, making the training process completely customized to each patient. Your psychotherapist will generally use a qEEG brain map to determine which areas of the brain should be targeted.

What Damage from Stroke or TBI Can Be Helped with Neurofeedback?

Many areas of the brain damaged from stroke or TBI can be improved by using Neurofeedback. Some of the most commonly treated symptoms of these conditions include:

Mood Regulation
Better Behavior Control

A speech therapist that specialized in stroke and TBI began using Neurofeedback training with her patients. When interviewed, she reported more progress in speech improvement for stroke and TBI patients in the one year since beginning Neurofeedback training than in the previous ten years combined. She obviously feels that Neurofeedback training increases success exponentially.


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